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Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Ladies Corner

Appearances have stories to tell,
A face is where hidden messages dwell
Eyes talks about emotions
A smile confides the notion
Eyebrows define one's mentality
Stubbles decode your personality
Coded messages here and there 
Slip through the masks we wear

Scene 1

Ani: Hey Priti, do you know why Japanese women look stunningly beautiful like dolls?
Priti: I don’t
Ani: See! It seems that Japanese woman shave their faces with razors to look beautiful and it’s a custom they follow from their preteen years.
Priti: Are you telling the truth?
Ani: Of course yes! So from today I am going to follow this routine for a porcelain doll complexion.
Priti: Ha ha, then tell me that very soon I will be seeing a model next door.

Scene 2

Priti: Ani are you at home?
Ani: Yes Priti, come into my room.
Priti: What are you looking at? Photos?
Ani: Yes, they are my college photos and see here, that’s my husband
Priti: But doesn't he look too old in that photo ?
Ani: True! In this photo, he is sporting a stubble to make himself look mature and aggressive.
Priti: Then how come he changed now?
Ani: After meeting me. When he proposed me I said I can’t marry him since he looked old. Next day, he returned back with a two year younger look and proposed to me again.
Priti: And so you accepted and got married isn't it?
Ani: No, I told him he was too young to get married then.
Priti: Ah! Did you? Then what happened?
Ani: He waited for two more years sporting a clean look to attract me and very soon his clean shaven look bowled me over and I fell for him.
Priti: Tada... and you got married, The End!

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  1. Sweet post :) but I am sorry I can't accept the tag as I don't support this stupid movement :/
    BTW: Congos again for your explorer win :D

  2. hahaaha just could stop smiling... Simply loved the concept and the conversations.
    I have tagged you in my PASS initiative. Please do acknowledge my tag and tag me back if you wish

    1. Glad you liked it Heena :)
      Thanks for the tag and will try acknowledging the same soon

  3. Love stories.. Aww I am enjoying them Uma!

  4. @Uma Maheswari (mam) wonderful post mam
    and thanks for tagging me in your post

  5. you have portrayed the topic with interesting conversations that take place between the ladies. Also, the image adds more meaning to it.

  6. Nice conversation ! Acknowledged your tag here : Cricket World Cup Lost due to Stubble ! and hope you will acknowledge mine too.

    1. Thanks for the tag. Will acknowledge yours soon :)

  7. Umamaheswari madam

    Good humor behind this conversation also convey a deep meaning. Your poems and conversations you shared convey very thoughtful touching the hearts. A great effort.

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  8. Sorry for a late reply.. I've to write two more posts and only then I can acknowledge your tag if I can manage the third one... already have written two and no clue what to write for three more..:-(

    This post of yours is really a nice one :-D enjoyed it a lot, best of luck for the contest..