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Monday 9 December 2013

Love once again!

It's love once again
A second chance in place
to prove my worth, my grace
for you did take away my pain

It was your love in return
that ended the story of my stubble
cleared up all my trouble
with your love and concern

Scene 1- Road
I : Oh! My scooter is not starting up.

I was stranded in the road with heavy traffic and was calling out for help. He came on his bike covering his face with an handkerchief. 

Mr : What is the problem?
I : My scooter fails to start.
Mr : Oh! let me see.

He then did some mechanical inspections and soon the scooter responded to him. But before I could see his face, he waved a bye and was gone.

Scene 2- Restaurant

There, I saw him again. This time he had no handkerchief on his face. Instead he had a thick beard.

Mr : Oh! It is you again. How come you are here? Handshake?
We shook hands and talked further. I learnt that his beard took its form in the absence of his love. Love failure - Oops!

At one point, he said, "Instead of her, it is now the beard"
We smiled and that's how our friendship bloomed.

Scene 3 -Beach
After three months of friendship, we become lovers. Mr. became Craig. I was waiting for him on beach. He came and I screamed with joy,

I : OMG! Is that you? look damn hot! Lucky me :)
I bit my lips as I said those words but the fact remains. His clean shaven look bowled me over now.

Craig : Yes! My love has taken back its place once again. Do you have any problem getting kissed?
He was laughing hard and so was I.

I would like to tag Cifarshayar, Simran, Saravana, Ekta and Sammyabrata for this post.
Accepting tag from Arvindji

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  1. Here's I have tagged you uma-
    I anyways like ur writing. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for liking my writing Ekta. I have noted down and will soon respond :)

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    I have tagged you in above post as well.

  3. Hi Uma,

    I liked your poem. Just check if you can write more than 300 words for the contest. I have accepted your tag and tagged you back here I hope you will acknowledge the tag..

    Someone is Special

    1. Yes Saravana, I did check and reduced the post to 300 words. Thank you for accepting and tagging me as well :)

    2. Can you please share the link where you accepted the tag? Thanks!

    3. I have tagged you in this post and will write as I did here " accepted tag " tagging you in my next post . I will comment when I do so Saravana :)

  4. Wonderful post. I have responded to that tag at :

  5. It's a different perspective and a different way of presentation... Uma ~ Cheers.
    Noted down your tag, will respond in my next post!!
    P.S. U have been tagged too :) ...the response is in your court lady :)

  6. Hi Uma,
    Nice take on the prompt dear :)
    Thanks for tagging me. I will accept it as soon as my exams get over.

  7. stubble associated with love failure.. hmm.. yeah.. interesting take on the prompt.. :)