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Thursday 26 December 2013

Babe's Date with his Dad

Little Babe is very glad
It's Sunday, 
He is going for a date with his Dad
It's time to play

Dada, a tall and a handsome father of Babe comes home working late and hard in the jungle everyday. And whenever he comes home, little Babe will be always asleep. It was only on Sunday that Babe and Dada goes for a stroll in the forest - the only day father and son date together.

But that Sunday, Babe was sad because Dada did not come on time. He has not kept his promise and Babe was really cross. He waited and waited but Dada did not come. Babe was getting tired and he walked slowly to his bed as he was feeling sleepy.

But suddenly, Babe heard his Dada calling out his name

Dada: Hey Babe! my little one I am back
Babe: Dada! Dada! I have been waiting for you long
Dada: Oh! my dear son come to dada now
Babe ran towards his Dada but stood one feet away from his Dada.

Dada was calling him near for a hug but Babe hesitated and replied,
"Dada I guess you need some bath. I smell something nasty on you"

Dada was cross. Then, he checked on himself. He smelled his shirt, his hands and finally his bread. "Yuck! it must be the beard that's been soaked in my sweat...hmm I hate that unclean stubble now" he thought.

Moral: Sporting a stubble? Either make sure its cleaned or make sure its cleared :)

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  3. heheheheheh,.....Dada got to be clean!! :D

  4. that's simple and good one. wishes.. :)

  5. simple and a good one. wishes :)