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Sunday 22 December 2013

The Marriage Conversation

Day or Night, Time freezes its numbers
When conversation exists amidst lovers

On a phone conversation,

Would-be Husband (Sid): Hello honey!
Lady (Bebo): Hello dear!

Sid: We have our marriage in two days. It feels great !
Bebo: Yes! Waiting for that day

Sid: Have you booked an appointment with the hairdresser I specified. You know I love long hairs honey. That lady over there is said to do some lovely braiding with lots of flowers.
Bebo: Yes, I did. I even did Gold facial today in your friend's beauty parlor.

Sid: Superb Honey! She is the best. And...what about the saree?
Bebo: What Saree?
Sid: The Saree blouse I mean. Have you done embroidery with beads?
Bebo: Ah Sid! You should have been a lady. What a  list!
Sid: Hey! You are going to be my wife honey. You should look beautiful and I am helping you
Bebo: Okay, let's see this the other way. I have told you not to sport french beard but you insist that it is the fashion.
Sid: Of course! French beard will look cool
Bebo: While I dress myself looking pakka Indianwala, you need to look westernized that too with a crystal sticking over it? There is no logic in this treatment.
Sid: hehe...I am going to stick a red crystal honey.
Bebo: Wow! While I wear Bindi on my forehead, you are wearing it on your beard. I hate that unclean stubble...can’t imagine your look

They teased each other and giggled.

Sid: Well, lets see ...who knows, you might like it too
Bebo: haha.. God only knows how many people are going to have a good laugh.
No one could hate you for that.

[continues ...] Conversation between lovers never ends soon. You know what I mean.

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  1. Haha interesting take uma.. I was hvng something similar in mind. Let's c.. thanks for the tag. i have 2 more pending.. i will try to acknowledge yours. :)

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  5. Quite a conversation... hope the 'guy' was inspired to take the right steps. :)

    Arvind Passey

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    Aditya Manchanda