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Sunday 12 May 2013

Poem for my Mother - Happy Mothers Day!

The above poem is written in Tamil for my lovely Mom. I am translating the same for all my friends who don't understand the language.

You were my first Kiss
You were my first Poem

I give my daughter now 
what you gave me once
Unconditional Love and affection

Mom, your everlasting love
is the light to my road 

I ask you inane questions
even today at this age
and ...
you still answer them 
clearing all my doubts 
showing where I went wrong

Is this one single day enough 
to write all about you ?


  1. Uma,

    A lovely poem which captures your thoughts well, in any language:)
    I don't think that one is is ever enough to thank, or remember our mothers, but it is simply a day set aside to take stock and to specifically remember.


  2. This is very interesting and thoughtful.

  3. that opening couplet...first kiss, first poem....nice...

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I love the first verse -
    You were my first Kiss
    You were my first Poem

    just lovely...and I like the last verse - nice ending. A very personal poem but one I'm sure many daughters can relate to on a very heartfelt level.

  5. What a beautiful poem of Mother Love! It sounds like you have a special relationship with your mother, and I wonder if you showed her this poem. It would be a special gift to her, for sure.

  6. beautiful! read the one in tamil too! :) and very poignant!

  7. Wow, a wonderful bond from mother to daughter to her daughter. So loving and heartwarming.