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Friday 29 November 2013

Gratitude !

This birth, the heaven has sent
to the hands that embraced in love and affection
The Kiss that your lips had sowed in
Bloomed thousands smile on my path
Every year I count my blessings,
Hugs, gifts, compassion and lovely things
As I sit this day to write the goodness
that my life had bestowed on me
I struggle to jot down the lists
Not one, not two but there are many
I need no paper to pen them down
All I needed was a heart that commends
and pass the same good vibe around

- written for Poetry Jam


  1. I like your poem very much. It is good to contemplate one's blessings; and I think when we do we find we have more blessings than we would ever have guessed. I know it would be a long list if I ever wrote down all my blessings!

  2. yes, it is the heart...the heart to love, to tell them wihtout words how much they mean to you...smiles..what a lovely blessing.

  3. All I needed was a heart that commends
    and pass the same good vibe around - great lines! It so nice when we can share this feeling with someone special!

  4. I have gratitude in my heart, too, but I think it still helps to write it down. So glad you did!

  5. So many blessings. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Loved these lines! Beautiful composition Uma!:)

  7. Lovely, a life full of blessings and gratitude!

  8. I would say only a few people would be this satisfied and content with their you are one of the lucky ones!

  9. I love your words too and I too have contentment in my life. Heaven is there for the taking - if only we look for it.
    Anna :o]

  10. have a wonderful heart. Lovely!