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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Haunt me to Clean off the mask of Love !

Haunt me Clean off the mask of Love !

I waited this day for so long
To be immersed in silence
and his warmth of love all along
The face so relaxed but feelings intense
His sweated lips and his preying eyes
His manly smell haunts my bodily sense
The moment  that I deeply craved arrives
But , I hesitated to reciprocate back
Oh No! Not today , I looked pale
There is something that blocked my approval
On my mind , one line seemed to haunt and yell
"Oh how I wish I had opted for my hair removal "

He didn't know to read my mind
And so he thought I was very shy
He took my hand to his with a touch so kind
Weaving a smile of self assurance by
To assure his love and his insight
He sent a wave of  his manly might
To prove a girl ,  the love of a guy
But all I need now is to let out a cry
Only then, he noticed what I was up to
With twisting legs and clothes that drew,
My hands concealed what that grew
For a minute he stared at me as if he got the clue
Running in his mind were again the lines ,
I wish she had opted for her hair removal "

Haunt me to clean off the mask of Love !
Bring the confidence to the power of now
With amounts of signal sent to and fro
And within hours of clearing the mess that grows
Now , I am a woman shining with confidence
To steal the attention of my man back to the show
He entered with the same smile and  pinned
his look , neared me and whispered an invite
" So divine you are , shall we .... " he grinned
Signalled a sign to redeem what we left that night

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  1. Ah! Now that shape poem is surely open to as many interpretations as the mind would dare to tread on... all the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey

  2. Thanks @arvindji . The first may be open to interpretations but the next poem is very straight and up to the point :)

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