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Saturday 13 October 2012

Music as I have heard of Micheal Jackson - King of Pop

Music as I heard when I was young is forever the one I always cherish.This is true not only for me but most of you out there.Being born and brought up in India, Tamil songs always holds a special place in my heart and choosing a special one from the long list is hard .But when it comes to English songs ,I have a priority list .Who can deny that the great pop legend Micheal Jackson inspired me a lot through his music albums .

One thing I have to say about him is that most of the songs (apart from wooing girls) are related to a cause.I loved his Heal the World and Earth song which is necessary in today's scenario .I love They don't care about us (for the drums), Remember the time (wow,the animations ) and Billie Jeans(again for music).How would you engage yourself in is Ghost album? Freaky Creepy dance moves, isn't it .

Below is my amalgamation of most songs by this King of Pop

Who is it?
In the closet
Little Susie ...She's
Another part of me
from my Childhood

Give In to me
In the Break of the dawn
by the Lady in my life
Dirty diana
Now we are Just good friends
Remember the time
Her Scream
Her Cry
Threatened my Privacy
Oh Man, She drives me wild
Now,She is out of my life
I cant help it
But,as for my baby
Baby be mine
The girl is mine
Whatever happens
Can't let her get away

Who is it ?
I'm a Stranger in Moscow
Without Money
Street walker's
They don't care about us
We Come together
Back from History
Man in the mirror
Keep the faith
Wanna be starin'somethin'
at least for my Little Susie
I just cant stop loving you
Her Smile
The vision Blood on the dance floor
Left me Speechless
The Lost Children
Betrayed bySmooth criminals
Fly away

Oh! Heal the world
Black or White
Don't walk away
Come Together
Sing the Earth song
This Time around


  1. Wow! That is quite a tribute... Took me back to the days when singing and dancing to MJs music was the coolest thing ever!

  2. hi uma.. keep up the good work.