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Thursday 30 August 2012

Recipe for Cuppa of Coffee

A cup of coffee is all we need
The master of chemistry sniffs
the aroma that arises from within
a teaspoon of brown caffeine.
To make the bitter brown better,
another teaspoon of sugar adds in 
 Two contrasts appear in one cup.

The mixture yet needs to be blend
For two opposites to blend in perfect,
all we need is the love of white milk.
That evening,as I indulge in my brew
I swallowed what I call real life
that the recipe for a cuppa of coffee offered
Each piece of my home relates to
that one cup of life with blended Love
And whenever, I sniff the aroma ,I smile
Life is nothing but a recipe of cuppa of coffee

image credit :desktopnexus


  1. Yummy! One cup for me PLEASE!

  2. I enjoyed this. Coffee and life are so intertwined.

  3. "To make the bitter brown better"

    Great use of alliteration here.

  4. Yes, this was fun to read! You remind me of how much I love this brew I mean view on life :D


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