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Sunday 5 August 2012

The Death Of A Soul - Poetry cum Video

Ruptures left by molestation
cease to seal , her pale cut skin
She hides behind the framework
of her ripped bones
Like carpel of Seville orange,
she confines herself under the rind
A worm coiling herself safe
from the eyes that quest
She is in trauma impending
The death of her soul

Molestation everywhere,
on the road , on the way
for her looks and words she says
Her gleaming flesh , a child's play
Her tears now seemed passe
None to daunt or dare
the tauting mob that preys

Metamorphism at its last stage
The cocoon seemed heavy
She needed justice, not questions
She broke the shell one last time
and out more confident she came.
Her only weapon is her feminism
She chose to fight skepticism

This damsel in distress ,
anticipating solace, her only need then
whose saviours came after damage done
She still holds on, awaits her justice
for more colleens out there,
looking up to her conducts.
" The death of a Soul "
is just the beginning ....

She Chose To Fight
She Chose To Fly 

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  1. nicely written...before it was rape,now molestation...

  2. left me speechless ! very thoughtful ..ur rite when u say the death of a soul is just the beginning ..amazing lines Uma !

  3. @umasankar - it means the words were powerful enough to make you disturbed .But the fact remains true ..the recent Guwahati case is yet unsolved !!

  4. Just the beginning? Wish to see an end to this barbaric side of a man.

    Touched deep Uma.

  5. You poured your emotions into this ~

  6. ugh disturbing but in a good way to bring awareness...these are the kids i have worked with and their stories break my heart....

  7. strong images in this...haunting...she hides behind the framework of her ripped bones is the one that touched me most...oh i'm so glad she chose to fight and to fly..

  8. Yes, it said.. but at the same time, it's great to see women emerge stronger and more determined than ever before!
    A brilliant write, Uma..

  9. You have laid bare the anguish of the victim--such incidents are a traumatic beginning for the sufferer because after this nothing will be the same for her.A fine poem Uma.

  10. Disturbing - and a thought that we choose to dismiss. Good write.

  11. Yes, disturbing in a good way. Also uplifting. I found the orange part and worm especially vivid. k.

  12. A distressing situation to be in...poignant.

  13. Breathtakingly powerful words! They kindle the angst and anger inside me and I am deeply painful as to what our society and the men have come to. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a man and every such heinous crime against woman accentuates my shame. Very powerful and disturbingly emotional poem!

  14. A beautifully written poem, poignant and revealing. Impregnated with all the repugnance fizzling in the conscience... This is one instance where our creativity compels the readers to abhor the present scenario and do some soul searching ,
    Congratulations Kudos UMA. Keep the tempo.

  15. Written in a very beautiful style.There are umpteen rape and molestation cases pending in the Courts and more than that not even complained or reported, for fear of damage to the personal reputation of the individuals concerned.And everyday the same is repeated in many places. The media gets a few to splash in their columns and make it more worse than the rape itself. This is the freedom we enjoy in our country now. Our repugnance have no value, and they are unheard..

  16. Disturbing...but wonderfully penned..amazing..

  17. Very touching. Such sadness expressed in apt lines.
    I hope that no woman has to feel as 'she' feels.

  18. well balanced words.