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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Discount Coupons for Books!

Discount Coupons for Books!
I shouted aloud to the herd
of people , Far and Near
through Blogger words

 "Where can I find one ?" ,
asked first voice in awe
 "Are you Internet aware?" ,
mocked another voice there
"Ahem...", I cleared my throat to voice
Looking at those standing , questioning eyes

Lots of place like Amazon and Ebay
And for all in India, have my say
Flipkart , Tradus or Snapdeal
To your inbox , all coupons revealed

Use at your might or click at a go
You don't regret what I said so

Haha , so finally here is a poem for all that I wanted to brief out.Online book shopping is great and I must say having published two ebooks , my next work is to get a printed book available at all prominent online bookstore.

I came across a website Coupondunia delivering coupons for such offers esp. from Flipkart, Snapdeal coupons, coupons, Tradus coupons and more. And I must say I raised my eyebrows thinking why have'nt this idea struck me before.

ShopClues is another interesting website similar to Snapdeal offering discounts for many items including books and ebooks through ShopClues coupons . Other websites include Naaptol , HomeShop18 and Indiatimes shopping which offers voucher on weekly basis and the best thing is they even provide COD (cash on delivery) for items odered on their website.

Coupondunia , literally meaning Coupon World ( dunia in hindi means the world) has almost all coupons for many online book stores .I even used one such coupon to buy myself a book using Snapdeal coupons. And as I was doing so, the above poem haunted my mind and so this post was born. 

Why not try using coupons when you buy books next time?

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  1. @Pankahuri
    Thanks for dropping by

    I understand your claims.But,these happens in rare cases when the site is new to business or you fall in the hands of the wrong merchant.With ecommerce, more people find it easy to order products which is not available in their area and even more people get involved into business in name of merchants.
    Unless,the rating of the merchant you buy product from is high or has decent positive feedback from other buyers , it is unsafe to buy from him. If you choose your merchant carefully ( as in ebay), then you fall into safe hands.