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Thursday 30 September 2010

My Life Reopens Again

Oil lamps are man-made object to produce light continuously for a period of time basically from an oil based fuel source.They are used alternatively to candles before the invention of electric lights like tube light and bulbs came into existence.The Components of the lamp are shoulder, pouring hole, wick, nozzle,handle and the fuel chamber.The wick is the one when lighted with matchstick gives out light .
Here is the WICK'S life story

My Life Opened NOW

I am invited with both hands in the darkened night
Substituting the bulbs and tube light when they are not right
I spread my light all around and give People good sight
They love to have me at their home for my bright light

I peep out my head giving light , a bright yellow flame
While my tail feeds on kerosene/oil  to keep me in frame
Sitting around me interesting talks and laughs came
Each and every eye notes me always ,so famous I became

When my job is done ,I am placed back in my place
Where the still darkness surrounds blowing at my face
I hide inside my cocoon house ,my little home I embrace
Waiting my next turn to come out proud and with grace

Poem written for MAGPIE TALES


  1. "I hide inside my cocoon house ,my little home I embrace". lovely soliloquy.

  2. elegant self expression of the lamp light.
    waiting for next turn to feel proud and with grace,
    love the attitude.

  3. Hello, Well written and said..a very gentle touch.
    We still use one of these lamps when a tropical storm rears taking out the lights, it is a friend in the darkness.
    Bless you today. CML

  4. @thanks all
    @crystal....sure we have to,they are our old and forever companian in our life

  5. I always prefer oil lamp and candles to what we are having now.. Most of my friends here laughed at how weird I am..

    I love the ending of your poem.. It truly brings out what I always find it so unspoken about oil lamp..

  6. This was so different.. Loved the perspective of a proud lamp thinking about itself... I believe the beauty of flame from a lamp can never be competed by bulbs or lights...
    Nice Mag

  7. yes...I love its presence when the current goes off that too in the rainy day(no no..not in sunny day) makes all people in the same house sitting in one place and chatting love it!

  8. Meaningful life, this.

  9. An homage to the usefulnes of the lamp. I like it!

  10. Fine writing and so much meaning. Great Magpie.

  11. Elegant, meaningful... love how this piece takes us through time and forms of light to become so well known, the wic.

    Nicely done.

  12. simple and interesting.... i think these thoughts run throgh each and everyone's mind.. wonderful job.. keep writing and all the best!

  13. i rememebr as a child my parents using these to light on nights when the storms came...the oil was red and i thought it an ocean...some wonderful word play in your magpie...

  14. Lovely, lyrical piece and tribute to light...bkm

  15. My dear, I have something for you.. Although we rarely chatted through commenting but yeah, those readings I did in your blog made me feel you deserved it so yeah, come and claim your surprise, okay? Here is the direct link.. *Hug*

  16. A lovely fantasy of an unnoticed detail of life.

  17. I love "my tail feeds on kerosene"! Nice piece.

  18. Uma this is truly lovely...there is magic in your words! :-)