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Friday 17 September 2010

I Made my own Recycled Plaything

Big Tent Poetry -Wordle -This is a new community that I joined in.They conduct weekly prompt for poets and poetess to expose their talent and mingle with one another
This week’s prompt
Oh, how we love The Wordles! Use as many of these words as you can in a poem. They may look like a mess now, but we have faith that you will sort it all out. Isn’t it interesting how poetry can do that?

At first sight of the above words like evidence, half-eaten, answer that I was pushed to write a poem involving crimes .But I don't want to.I played around with the above words so that they may produce a better theme and then I came out with this poem.

My Theme : Every child in this world have the tendency to make something new or creative with whatever bits and pieces of things they find intresting to them be it a piece of paper or broken parts of toys.They love to solve puzzles.
Hope you will like it

A young child was watching the swarm of bees
Sitting on the debris of an half-eaten backbone of a 'flesh'
As curious as a child would be at her age
She was eager to find out the answer
With the evidence that was left behind for her over there
She docked the debris around the backbone
Cleaning it with a  piece of her skirt
And she embellished them with colourful stones
That she collected in her well maintained garden
Making a temporary ornament and played with it
Chanting the words "Recycle and Reuse"


  1. Nice poem.. Creative, I have to say.. By the way, thanks for sharing the website too.. I am going to check it out too.. :) :)

  2. what a beautiful job...
    very thoughtful and wonderful word play.

  3. @krislin....thanks a lot
    @jingle...thanks a lot for sharing and joining my journey everyday