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Friday 24 September 2010

Haibun form of Poetry- I Travel

The below poem is something about  travel (real or imagined) using the haibun form .Haibun form?What is that means?Okay,let me give a small intro before I give a detailed post in my Exploring Poetry on the coming days

Haibun is a combination of prose and haiku poetry, sometimes described as 'a narrative of epiphany'.I thought about a topic about travel.I have already written some in another form of poetry like the Train,Titanic ship,Desert...So I came up with this idea

I Travel

I travel so fast, flying high in the sky. I sailed over the rainbow, studied the colours of the sky and played with the wind. I am a kid again. Yes, a kid with an uncontrollable desire to learn, scrutinizing each and every thing that comes in my way.

On sky I travel
With my magic wand 
I paint butterfly

"Come on, it’s getting late. Get up”. My mom was waking me up.” You have to go for your  School exam”, she said. I slowly opened my eyes. I was awakened from my dream.” What exam?” I thought.Ah! Well, in fact this is what I was trying to do de in my dream writing, painting, and stuffs like that but it was much more exciting than this real stuff called exams.

I got up, did my cleaning, and got myself ready to go to my college. Before me on the table, I saw my pen, my lucky pen that my dad gave me for my birthday. It had a butterfly picture decorated on it. In an instant, I smiled when I looked at it.Hmm…Again, I thought “Is this my magic wand? “ LOL...I hurry up to the door.

To my School I walk
Lucky mascot in my hand 
My butterfly pen

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  1. very sweet, this was lots of fun to read!

  2. I love the way you carried the butterfly theme throughout the poem. I hope you did well on the exam!

  3. @all..Thanks!
    @Mary...hehe..this is my exam.Poetry exam.Your comments are my grade.:)

  4. I love to have everyone attend my Rally, I was giving out invitations, then did not want to make you feel too stressed out....
    Thanks for the quality participations.
    you make my day!

  5. Love to join you all...and thanks :)

  6. I like how the poem portrays the travel...thank you for sharing.

  7. poetry and prose together? i don't know about that. :) you've definitely created a well fitted piece.