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Friday 10 September 2010

" Travelling Booths " that makes our life easier

"Necessity is the Mother of All inventions" , surely you might have heard this somewhere.Today in this 21 th century, we are using most of the electronic equipments and gadgets that are necessary.Of all the inventions, Internet and social networking is the most wonderful and  powerful one that keeps the people connected together.From Email ,to SMS to Video Chatting....All these became possible through inventions and made Life easier for us to keep connected, except for Travelling

Well,Travelling is still complicated now although we have aeroplanes and ship that had been helping us till now.But the disadvantage is that  its takes a long day and large amount of our time to reach that place,our destination.I always wondered when  I am late for a place say to a school or a college or an office or to a function," Huh !Why not can I  travel with a click of a button,so that I may reach the place faster,much quicker".

Its just my imagination.Do read on , maybe any Mr.Einstein out there brings them to life.
'X' person is in his office in Mumbai.He is working there as a software engineer.He is in a tight schedule working in a busy project.His wife is nearing due date and now she is in Pondicheery in her mother's place.Time arrived and she is going to give birth that morning.She telephoned her husband.Both husband and wife wanted to be with each other at that time.But is it possible to book a ticket,go at the right time to see his baby.Oh..lots of stress and work.In this case,if travelling s much more easier Life will not only be easier with him but to also people who are reading this posts.

My Idea ,though sounds crazy will be a Travelling Booth. Ah!I named it.Imagine a rectangular box with necessary communication like our good old computers,laptops and networking and of course GPS(Global Positioning System ).Each and every place in world has it, like our good old Telephone Booth. So,'X' is lucky enough , he enters a nearest Travelling Booth in Mumbai and enters his Unique Identification Number and enters the destinations as Pondicherry and then pays the bill.After paying,he presses "GO"button .Now,SWISHHHH he goes  to Pondicherry 's Travelling Booth in a minute.(assuming that even travelling booth has their own codes and identification number).
Now,'X' was just in time to the hospital to see his new born.

What a Technology it would be!A big leap for Human beings.Hope someone out there might try this ,so that our future generation are very lucky like Mr 'X'.

Images of GPS:

Human beings are made up of Atoms.Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects.

See also:

In case any Mr.Einstein found this interesting and moves on to start this project ,I  request you to keep the name "Travelling Booth".  :)

Travelling Booth
Inventions Inventions Inventions everywhere
That's started with the first invention of fire
Now with Mobile phones,Laptops,Television here and there

With inventions moving up the ladder day by day
There is one drop behind leaving pollutions at bay
Like Newtons "Every reaction has equal and opposite reaction "

Still we are not satisfied with our thirst for improvement
Searching answers from better to best till we never resent
Like "Necessity is the mother of Inventions".

Dreams bring in inventions
Ideas create the right direction
The above both are brought to life working with perspiration

Young minds dream and do dream to begin
Yet keep the world the best place to live in
With Inventions that create no Pollution


  1. Ms.Uma your idea is not crazy at all! With the rapid improvement in Technology "Teleportation" is bound to come in a year or two. You better apply for your Patent to name it. Nice post.

  2. @ Saras
    Thank you sir.
    Love to apply one.Lets see.

  3. Good one Ums...seems to be a good idea...I am in :) Congrats on joining Indiblogger :)

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  5. @ Gita
    Hey thanks gita,meet you soon.

  6. Nice piece of imagination
    Waiting for a Travelling Booth ;)

  7. Nice piece! I completely agree the major drawback of technology is polution and/or how much energy it consumes.

    Have you seen the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? It's from the 90's and they time travel using a telephone booth. :)