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Monday 20 September 2010

No One Would Have Believed Me

My  prompt for Tuesday September 21st for "Carry on Tuesday".The prompt this week is the first words from H G Wells 1898 novel, War of the Worlds ,
No one would have believed...
I have to use all or part of it within my poem or prose.Hmm, I am in a state of mind where I have to believe and Hope.And so is my poem :)

I believed,
That life is full of pains that would be washed away
With the hope that nurtures in one's heart doorway
There should be no one to be left sad or betrayed , I pray
For I believe, they are just  lessons to make us more mature than yesterday
So if you are sad and drowned or feel like a bedlam
Believe that after a hard storm,there comes a part that is calm
I have no other option but have to believe
For believe is the only hope that is to be cultivated to live

A Haiku for the same :
No one would have believed ...

NO ONE is good or bad
WOULD better be bad if I HAVE to
Since bad ones are better received than good ones
I just wrote for the poem and yet its true

The above for Sunday 160
Comments ?


  1. One should be careful what they believe, as one person beliefs is another person nightmare ... still, this is a positive poem and therefore i believe that when something is positive, nothing but good can come from it.

  2. They are all received - good and bad. I believe people are too kind to tell you when bad is bad. I can tell you that you lost your space between 'ME' and 'I' in the last line so you have only 159 characters with spaces. But that is just me being anally retentive. *smiles*

  3. @Monkey man...ha..I did to exact 160.Thanks for correcting me.Now check... :)

  4. @Ijim
    Very true.But what you say will be apt for the Haiku section.
    The main poem relies on beleiving and having Hope

  5. I believe in positive thinking, and so, it would seem, do you. Bravo.

  6. Beautiful. No other word for it.