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Tuesday 21 September 2010

The Sun,The Moon and The Stars

Bedazzled  is this week concept for Jingle Poetry Potluck.They have given me NIGHT, MOON and STARS as the theme to write a poem for their Potluck.Let me check. I have a few strategies .Yes ,They are
1.Look, they are females
2.Keep it short
With the above two I wrote a poem that ends in rhyming and here it is for you

Poetry Potluck -Bedazzled

She comes as the powerful yet elegant
bringing in light to the world in abundant
She has in her the heat that warms everybody
being the centre, lots of planets in her she embody
Our Sun ,the queen of universe is alluring
with her presence she is the most welcomed in the morning

Coming slowly at night, she is cool and pleasant
she paves way for everyone ready to dormant
Bringing in her light like a torch in the dark
with tiny twinkling soldiers ,the Stars helping with her work
For mid-night travellers they are  really a boon
our beautiful queen of night, She is the Moon

The Sun, the Moon, the stars are three concepts of puzzle
With their looks and their ways, they have the power to make you Bedazzled

Done for Jingle Poetry Potluck


  1. Hi Uma, how are you? So many posts in a week...way to go :) This poem is very sweet. Take care :)

  2. Yeah,I am fine.Hope you are doing fine
    I just got to know the communities and writing for them :).
    Got excited!Let me see..may be I will slow down a bit in coming days...

  3. the moon... a thousand wonderings since time immemorial and still inspires poem and song... beautiful

    Warmest Salad


  4. Perfection penned for Potluck. Thanks so very much, loved your eloquent wordplay! xx

  5. lovely accord to father sun

  6. great...well written and interesting...:)

    Greetings, friend!!
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