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Tuesday 28 September 2010

An Emotional War

This poem is the continuity to my poem  "The Warrior's Story" .We were talking about war and also about fighting war against some unseen foes being united.True till now.But  the fact is fight is every where even in simpler relations like friends,husband and wife,siblings....An Emotional war.....Lets read Part 2 of War...

An Emotional War

We are  warriors still fighting
You or me, who is the best
started the war triggering their ego
Love lost
Ego wins
Where does they start ?
Its everywhere
From home of one or more children
to the schools where grades mark the talent of each one
From office differentiating people's  designation
to the blogging world where followers and comments count
Ego....cannot be defeated
but can be utilised taking ONLY one goodness out of it
which is... it does activate us to perform more to our best


  1. So true so true. Very powerful words. Like this very much.


  2. Yes...this is what we meet in our everday life!
    and thanks cassiopea for the comment

  3. this is so accurate! Nicely done! and thanks for your nice comments on my blog! Cheers Kathe

  4. Ah, so true! Ego can motivate or diminish. Nicely written!

  5. Sad and true. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. you have a beautiful point made here.
    masterfully done job..
    I love reading poems such as this.
    hope to see you next time.

  7. Well-expressed, bringing out what set them apart with the thin blurry line.. Love this post.. :)

  8. Where does they start ?

    they...a group that causes so much aggravation, if only we knew where to find them

  9. @all Thanks all for your comments...

  10. It is everywhere - but it is great how each soul manages to remain individual in the face of it.......interesting poem!

  11. excellent write...let us all be our best...and be who we are to create a more united world..bkm

  12. Wow, the ego, great idea! YOU tackled it well; I like the flow, WELL Done~

  13. Such true words beautifully expressed ! :-)

  14. I just love the last line of this poem. Well written!

  15. Hi uma, it's true we are driven by our egos but as you point out it can help us reach new heights, take care.


  16. Story of an ego.. so true...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  17. Hello Umamaheswari,
    I have read your poem and like the words very much. Sadly inequality and competition starting at a young age and all through all ages.
    Finishes on a positive hope!
    Best wishes, Eileen

    I've added your blog to follow.

  18. welcome join us tonight within an hour, have fun!
    Thanks for the inspirations and dedications..

    Happy Writing!