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Tuesday 28 September 2010

A Warrior's Story

A warrior is a person highly skilled in combat and makes his country proud  by fighting his foes.Here is my short poem about a Warrior.And at last I wrote what I was thinking.Some may accept it but some wont.But its my perspective. Now, Lets go on to our poem Part 1 of WAR :

Fighting to save my country
Where my loved ones live
Protecting them from the harm that may be bestowed upon them
With all my courage I gathered
I fight the foes very active

Thinking he fights...till an arrow shot him death
His last breath wispers...Oh! I miss you all my love
I did my best to protect you all
Oh!Don't you cry of my death but
Be proud that my death is more worthier now

Great poet for a great warrior and his bravery
but what  I feel is that each country has one like this and feel the same like the poem above.
So instead of challenging people of their bravery by implying war at them why not we join hands being united to save all mankind from the danger of diseases,accidents and global warming ???

-Poem submitted for Jingle Poetry


  1. good one..I too have writen poems on warrior and battles..seems like I have lived through the series of battles myself.

  2. love it,
    the words are profound,
    the image is very outstanding..

  3. Thanks for sharing it with poetry potluck...
    you have a theme poem, which is special to us.
    well done..
    keep up the excellence.
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. nice....Cheers!!!
    my pot luck :D

  5. Wouldn't it be wonderful indeed if the world would be united instead of divided? Sad that anyone should have to pay with their lives...

  6. I especially love your comment after your poem - wise words there. Thanks!

  7. Hey wassup. You read my blog from weblog i havent checked in months but now i aded you and following you lol . Good post, and i agree. kinda funny that i train in karate yet im hoping i never have to use it .