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Friday 3 September 2010

Take Me As An Example

Hi all ,I am ending this week with my poem based on a moral.Poems with morals are stronger than words said .This poem is about the cruelty of cutting down trees.There would be no humans living in today's world of pollution without Trees.Of course,it also plays an important role in Climatic Changes that occurs world wide.This is my message to you people out there through a poem .Hope you like it.

An Example

I was a kid with a large family extending for about 100 miles long
Where lots of visitors from wild animals to birds came to play and sing songs
We were all happy for we had all we needed and the rain god always blessed us with enough rain
I looked up with pride at all living things around me not knowing that fate will make our happiness to wane
Feeling happy ,I closed my little eyes with peace and went down to sleep
When a sudden cry woke me up
to see a crowd of people and in their hands, long axes they did keep

I thought that they had come to visit my place as all other living beings would love to do
But all I saw was animals crying in madness and the birds , they scattered and they flew
When a man came to cut a tree beside me, she(tree) gave me a look for help
I stared at her as she fell down giving out a strange long yelp
This cruelty continued and I closed my eyes awaiting for my death
Being mesmerized in this sudden change of life away from mirth

I heared a man saying that the work is been over for today
And they will be back when they need more in another day
Finishing their work and carrying logs of woods , they went
We few that have been left for now started to resent
Its all a dream, I said to myself
Still closing my eyes and praying for help
The Mother Nature showed her anger by not raining and made the place so hot

But we trees stood still not having any other place to go nor any options left out
People who had hearts felt that something was going wrong by cutting down the trees

They quarreled among themselves and finally all gave up and left us free
Then after a few days the sudden silence woke me up from my dream
And I slowly opened my eyes to see who were all still alive in my team

That was the greatest shock in my life for all I could see was nothing...I was left alone
I stood defeated, I cried ,I prayed for my death for now I am lost and torn
Each day I look above to see the sun, my only companion to share
After all , she is the only one left out for me to care
I would question her every day, why I was the selected one to be left out
From the cruelty that befalled all her friends and the
whole lot

Days went by,I grew old and finally I saw few human eyes pry on me one day
The look on their eyes moulded me as AN EXAMPLE not to play with The Mother Nature's orderly ways

Is it a Rule or a Law or a Regulations ?
No..It is The Mother Nature's way teaching and living Life



  1. Nice poem on Trees.We need trees to survive :)

  2. Yeah...very true.Some of my social work is done here in my Blog :)

  3. It pains me to see people cut down a tree...physically, emotionally, spiritually.

  4. nature has its own way of treating humans, beautiful tribe.


  5. great message uma.. here's my potluck for this week:

  6. Agree with fiveloaf, great message. keep the good work coming!

  7. @Thanks a lot.A message through poems reaches faster than loads of pages written ,what say :)

  8. Moral poetry. Interesting thought. I like the very first picture you use very much.

  9. Nicely written! Happy potluck!

  10. I am so disappointed when I see a stand of trees being clipped ... we are losing more and more of nature's majestic gifts and shelters ~~

  11. This is wonderful!
    You have depicted the plight of trees in such a clear detail.
    Enjoyed reading this!

  12. very nicely done...and great enviro is sad to the extent we will go to meet our whims...destroying our world...

  13. Nature is amazingly forgiving, but even she has her limits.

  14. You've captured the horror of pain that nature feels at humans' use of them. Your oneness with all of nature strikes me as genuine and true.