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Monday 20 September 2010

Its An Hourglass Life

HoURglASs LiFE :

I am caught up in the top part
Feeling strong but afraid I will fall back apart
I am caught at the bottom part
Feeling strong to make again to the top to restart

Grains of sand I am thought of
But not,I am grain of tiny men thereof
Waiting for my turn to go up and down
Swirling inside the hourglass town

You and me,we push in to go first into the hourglass hone
As we are aware that Time and Tide waits for None

Poem written for Magpie Tales


  1. I love the line "swirling around this hourglass town"....that is what life is exactly like at put it in perspective here...bkm

  2. Time and tide waits for none. This is so true! Nice Magpie.

  3. @all Thanks.Your comments are valuable and it is a motivator for writing more :)

  4. very well done! Lovely to read out loud.

  5. Brilliant!! "Swirling inside the hourglass town" is beautifully said!! A very focused and refined write!!

  6. Excellent truth put in very few words :) Liked it :)

  7. The 'swirling around in hourglass town' bit caught me as well! Very nice poem!

  8. Lovely poem this.. well done..

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