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Saturday 4 September 2010

The Deepest Of Ocean Swayed By Love

Concept of this poem : Most of us think Love is strong between lovers only but Love exists even more stronger in our relationship with our parents, siblings , friends and even with our kids.It varies from person to person ,time to time but the Waves of Love remains the same .Here ,I have brought in front of your eyes a short love story between a brother and a sister on a positive note.

So deep is the ocean of your heart
I try but could not visualize even a single part
There are times when I asked you about it when you worry
But without telling me, I can't be of help, I'm so sorry
Some times I can see you in your room so alone
Sitting pale and crying over the phone

One day,you came running home crying
I stopped you,and when asked , I know to me you were lying
Unable to control my anger,I gave you a hard blow
You lost control of yourself telling me everything in a flow
Then , you ran away into your room and jammed up the door
I waited for you to settle down ,then came near you sitting on the floor

I slowly held your hand and said,
"Just listen to me,don't speak a word in between
It doesn't matter about yesterday or how you have been
What happened is just for good , for at last its been found
There is no use in living with a man who has been fooling around
If you feel you aren't lucky now,maybe its not luck after all
There is still life to move on, its your next call
You are still alive ,so fresh, beautiful and young
So never lose this time which will never come again
Go and sleep now and when you wake up tomorrow ,close your eyes and say
That you , my sister of this brother is now strong to face a new day "

You slowly moved your head up and looked straight into my eyes and asked
"Where were you so long ,Oh brother, this is what I have missed
Now I know who stands by me when I am down
For these were the affection and love I have missed when I am lone
I am still your sister and now take my word, listen now
There is nothing so strong that will lift up my soul like your love
I will be stronger than yesterday from today
Its true I am still young and have to go a long way"

She smiled at me , her brother and held my hand lightly
And I noticed the waves in her ocean seems to calm down slowly


  1. Your poem is touching and beautiful and has a wonderful message. There are many kinds of love in the world!

  2. you speak of that unconditional love so brillantly...we all need someone who loves us that way...blessings...bkm

  3. A beautiful story about a loving brother speaking truth to his sister. Just lovely. The image above the poem is strikingly beautiful as well.

  4. Thanks all for your comments...yes it speaks about unconditional Love of all forms...

  5. So deep is the ocean of your heart
    I try but could not visualize even a single part
    And I noticed the waves in her ocean seems to calm down slowly

    I liked the way you compared with ocean-heart-clam down slowly
    Loved it and Enjoyed it!

  6. wow... so good poem !! i love your describing words !! wel done !! :) i could never be able to write a poem like that !! lol hehe