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Tuesday 21 September 2010

I Saw The Home of my Dream

You might have noticed me writing for many poerty blogrolls recently.Well,thats what I do now a days.Writing for them gives me more awareness of what is going on in the world of other poeters.And also gives me an insight of how my fellow poeters write differently for a single given topic.I am enjoying their company.What a life will be without communicating and disscussing the things we love to do.Thanks to blogging.It has made my world smaller and easier to communicate.

By Kayleen Cavill(West)

My mom said,

"See the moon out of the window,my young one
There are fairies there nice and sweet looking upon us"
I ate as she fed me,believing each word as she said
Imagining ..Oh! I love fairies, they are such a fun

I slept that night dreaming of the good old fairies
And I flew and flew onto the top of the earth I stood
Watching and searching for the fairies I am told of
There I realised that I am not alone,I do have Allies

My pet dog who have slept listening to mom's tale
Stood beside me watching and staring with awe
The moon is not the only one I saw standing from top
My earth itself is alive,so many children it has ,it exhales

It has so many planets,moons,stars and other things to care about
Like I do inside my bodies, many many worms and bacterias
The bad the planet becomes,it affects the whole of its surrounding
The bad I become ,it affects  the whole of me , I thought

That thought of mine awakened me from my dream world
"Mom ",I went to her and hugged her tight
"I saw no faries above but all I saw was  a fairy in itself
I saw the wonderful Home of our Earth" , looking at her brightly I told

( Poem written for Monday Child )


  1. a wonderful with a lesson for us all...the world is our home to protect - or body is also our micro home to protect and love...let us love them both as we are loved ....thank you so much for joining us at Monday's Child and sharing your inspiring words...blessings...bkm

  2. tender and sweet words,
    well delivered sentiments,
    divine spirits.

  3. We need to take good care of self and Earth, that's for sure...

  4. beautiful and emotional post.

  5. A tale with a something to say ... I like htis :o)