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Thursday 2 September 2010

My Best Friend

I wrote this poem when I was in my school days and I like this poem very much because of it's rhymes and for it's essence.For many of us, books are their Best Friend especially for my Dad .If you want to find my Dad,you can always find him in his room with his books sometimes reading and sometimes writing. (And my Mom in the kitchen ;-)

Best Friend
Someone asked me “ Who is your best friend? ”
My mouth uttered a few names of some friends in a rapid flow
To escape from embarrassment ( of lying ) , I had to pretend
As a person seeming neither funny nor too low
When I was alone in bedroom one day
I thought over the phrase “ best friend”
Who are they to me ?

Is it -
A person who shows us the right path and way
Or someone who shares our sadness and gay (of course its gay:: happiness)
Or someone who listens to everything I say
I had been through good times and bad times in my life
But never did I complain it to my friends, parents nor my wife (had to bring the word wife here to sound it rhyming)
If one sees my eyes one can find some sadness inside
But my beautiful face carries a smile intelligent enough to hide
I do everything that hurts others and get hurt in return
And sometimes they, inside my heart it burns
There were days where I was filled with untold sorrows
And I don’t find anyone who, from me willingly borrows
I thought ,I got the best of everything I can’t complain about
Lots of presents and friends surrounding me all time in and out
Now,I have been through lonely and sleepless nights
Searching for an answer and searching for light
After a long journey(inside my mind), I now knew who is my best friend is

Yeah! Books are my best friends !

Whatever may be the time or whatever may be the day
She(Books) helps me getting away from sorrows in everyway
Giving me happiness, sleep, hope and courage
Above all ,being with me every time and at every age
I have been a Lawyer, a Doctor, a Robber and even a Scientist
And each and every character the book holds in a wide variety of list
I have been asked questions without any reasons
And slowly she(book) makes me find a valid solution

She(book) makes me laugh with heart content
And sometimes make my head bow with contempt
She(book) made me calm, funny, to kill ,to love and to cry

And she thought me different ways how to lie ( hehe)
She made me feel complete within her own world
Making me to attempt complex situation facing with bold(ness)
She made me the leader of Mafia’s and sometimes President of USA
Filling me each day with her own and unique way
Now at last, there is no need to pretend

To say,
“BOOKS are my dear and Best Friend "


  1. Hey Uma , Really very impressing poem that shows ur love on reading books..!!gr8 & gud

  2. Thanks friend for your comment.You should be knowing that some people eat and sleep with books too.
    Your comments encourge me to write more keep commenting

  3. cool friendship poem,
    smooth flow.
    Thanks for sharing with poetry potluck!

  4. @Jingle...I love this poem so much to share with esp.with poeters like you

  5. And I so agree with you on this topic, such a fine poem sharing your love for books. Thanks so much for linking with Potluck, so much appreciated!! xx

  6. @buttercup600
    Thanks.I am touched by your comments !

  7. you are so very sweet.
    love your kindness and more.
    come again next time!

  8. Surely, books are our friends. Thank you for your spreading the idea.

  9. like the best friend's poem

  10. Taking on the characters. One of the great pleasures of reading. You can be anyone, anywhere, anytime. Nice Mag.

  11. it's not just the books, its the characters in the boooks

  12. Books was my bestfriend when i was growing up, u wud always find me in the school library, and in elementary school, i wud always sit on the floor with a pile of books redaing each one...i guess that is when the passion for books bit me...this was a great poem of your childhood memories.

    i have also loved your featured poem for this weeks theme.

  13. books gives us company when everyone is away, books makes us smile and laugh, books gives me moments of joy and happiness :)

  14. Heyy Uma, this is lovely and so apt :) even I find books a great comfort! Very nicely written..

    Do stop by my blog sometime :)