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Monday 27 September 2010

Candle Light haiku

In India,you can always have the dark night's with the current going off often ,that too being a rainy day,you can expect the darkeness surround the whole place.A candle comes in the rescue.I have this habit ..I stare at the flames of the candle as they dance to the silent breeze .I feel immense pleasure watching the flames.Time passes,but still I watch its dance as if the candle light has mesmerised me.Beautiful candle light ,a poem for you

Candle Light- Haiku(5-7-5)

Know Haiku

Feels sacred in me
That stare which meditates my mind
Candle's fire dance
                                                                              -An Haiku

Staring deeply at the candle's dancing fire
Meditates the mind deeper
Sacred Feelings

Lifts the soul higher
Penetrating Inner
Fulfills the purpose of human beings

The light that spreads vision
- The light of power
The light that warms heart
- The light of love
The light within is awaken
- The light of God


  1. I know this feeling all too well.

  2. breath taking,
    love the romantic feeling your candle brings.

  3. Nothing more captivating than candle's dancing fire. I loved the read, thanks so much for linking with Potluck xxxx

  4. Staring deep into the candle, I can feel the sacred in your imagery and words. Beautifully written.

  5. I too experience this. Thanks for putting it in words so well.

  6. what a lovely reflection... indeed it brings forth a feeling so divine.

    thanks for visiting my blog. =)

  7. @ all Thanks for your valuable comments

  8. I love this poem! Very sweetly done and true. Fire certainly captivates! It brings comfort, too, which you have also touched on. :-)

  9. not going into the mosquitoes that power cuts inevitably bring? :D
    jokes apart, lovely piece of verse.

  10. again thank you all for your comments

  11. Lovely words and image. Well done.


  12. Thanks for reminding me about these times. It's been a while since I saw the candle's dancing flame - Backup generators now ;-)

  13. Sacred feelings indeed!! Very beautiful!! :)

  14. Candles are beautiful for meditation. Lovely haiku.

  15. An absolutely delightful haiku..I also adore to watch candle flames, and you expressed their essence so well here. :)