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Friday, 24 September 2010

Mellow fruitfulness

The Autumn has began with the leaves falling away from the trees painting the roads colourful.Here is a poem ,welcoming Autumn

Autumn leaves
Painting by Peppi Elona

Paintings of spring and summer
are withered away
Cleaning the body of trees by wind,
flowers and leaves fall-away
Making them free of makeups to get dressed up 
ready for the advancing weather
Bringing in a smooth transition
from the hot summer to the cold winter
Halloween!.....the longest possible holiday 
expected to be somewhat ghostlier
With the arrival of night 
that becomes noticeably earlier
Mixed with a certain melancholy
linked to the arrival of harsh weather
Its a time of mellow fruitfulness that slowly gather
The story of fall is adventuresome
Yes...,The Autumn has come


  1. Hi Ums, nice poem....just in time for the season :)

  2. I like "a time of mellow fruitfulness"......

  3. You described the transition well. Yes, autumn has come. Nice work.

  4. A peaceful and beautiful poem...i like the flow and the pictures are wonderful. :-)

  5. I like the flow too, and the pictures.... a very wistful poem!

  6. lovely autumn...ghostlier...yes it will be...bkm

  7. I love the idea of mellow fruitfulness~ It has a wonderful flow feel like a floating leaf, WEll Done!

  8. your words are entertaining...
    autumn is fun to have.


    awards for you.
    I valued your support..
    Happy Tuesday!

    Simply come in and participate any of our poetry activities under your wish....I have more than 300 poets in my list, hard to get to everyone all the time...
    I know you as a uplifting and loving friend NOW...thanks for the love and light.

  10. Ghostly lovely.... and the combination of song, images, words is such a gift. THANK YOU!

    Read my Magpie Leaves Sing...

  11. @willow...yes,I have changed it
    @all Thanks for the comments!!

  12. Nice write, transitions well into the next season of wintery snow... love your magpie.

  13. yes, colorful autumn. Luv the pix.

  14. Yep! It is indeed an adventure... bundle and buckle up!

    Beautiful music on your page :)

  15. ah but i so love this season...i am so happy for her return if ever so briefly...nice the second pic as well....nice magpie!

  16. ah.. autumn is most certainly an adventure! :) lovely poem!

    My Magpie Is Here:

  17. Oh, yes, indeed it has - and you've written it beautifully!

  18. I just adore this accompanying music to the poem. I feel all peaceful and gentle now......!


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