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Wednesday 19 January 2011

The Three Friends

Three of the friends in snow covered  fully
Off they descend home walking slowly
Emily is always ready to initiate
And Smily always stands by her immediate
But Timidy is a little jealous of her mates
Since she was never looked up to nominate
The three always went together on their usual track
With Emily in front and Timidy at the back
On half the way a snap was taken by naughty Tom
For he always admired these threesome 
Mainly Smily to him, her looks would kill
In his heart a special place she would fill
But  for him getting near them was always a surreal
For the friendship they had is more ethereal
Though Timity is been a bit aloof  for the other two
They still stay together in rivalry too
With courageous Emily always  leading the way
And Smily eloquently does as she says
Timity , of course checking on them both
Not to forget Tom who is bouncing in his youth

-For Magpie picture prompt(above) &Three Words Wednesday(descend,kill,surreal)
&Writers Island 


  1. Great way to tie the two prompts. Clever. Here's my 3WW piece for this week:

  2. Timity , of course checking on them both
    Not to forget Tom who is bouncing in his youth..

    love your humor and bouncing ending...
    fabulous magpie.

  3. Sheialgh Lee said :a very pretty picture painted of friendship

  4. You cast the characters well. My little aunt on the right was very timid.

  5. @all Thanks ...I had to sit looking at the picture for sometime to cast out the characters well

  6. what a great response to this week's magpie... i looked at those three and went blank....

  7. Nice...
    a very beautiful story you wrote with the pic... :)

  8. Beautiful story, love the ending.