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Monday 17 January 2011

The Signs of Love

The Soft look from your tender eyes
The Sudden smile makes my heart fly
The Shaking little hands and legs with laughter
Telling Signs to carry you off in my arms together
The Sucking fingers to reveal your hunger
The Strong clasp of my hand by your tiny finger
Teaches So called ' the cold heart' how to love by
Thinking Slowly.......I sigh!
That Smile ,that touch ,that look
They Surely fulfill the blossom of Motherhood
There Seems no joy like sacrificing just for our little ones
Temporary Shifting to heaven happens every time we be with them
The Signs of Love
They Sing a little higher than all above 

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  1. A poem full of pure love! Interesting form... Love it!

  2. Brilliant...
    a very interesting way to write..

    "There Seems no joy like sacrificing just for our little ones"...
    Loved this line a lot :)