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Sunday 23 January 2011

Exploring Poetry - Haiku

Welcoming you all to week 3 of " Exploring Poetry ".Any poems on any themes selected by the respective owner should be written based only on the chosen Poetry Form.Each time when a new prompt is put up , you will be given an example(own) to start with.You can write and link them up or else if you have already one ,you can link it up that too .
Today's Prompt : Haiku

What is an Haiku ?
  • Haiku is invented by Japanese and it means playful verse
  • It is one form of poetry that combines form ,content and language in a meaningful, yet compact form.
  • Nature, Feelings and experiences are expressed mostly in Haiku poems.
  • The common form of Haiku is just 3 lines.The first one will be written with 5 syllables,second one is written with 7 syllables and the last line with again 5 syllables.Overall being only 17 syllables.-(A Syllable is an elementary sound, or a combination of elementary sounds, uttered together like now -1 syllable,today-2 syllables,everyday-3 syllables).
  • The Haiku must paint a mental image on the mind of the reader who reads the Haiku.
  • Haiku are emotions expressed through concrete images by writing
How to write an Haiku ?
Make sure they contain the below :
  • 3-short lines of 17 syllables ( 5-7-5)
  • 1-season word - something related to nature ,weathers(spring,summer,fall,winter) and also human activities
  • 1-cutting word -The idea is to create a leap between the two parts of first two lines or the last two lines and to create a shift from the above two is what is called as internal comparison. These two parts sometimes create a contrast, sometime a comparison which is quite challenging for a poet.
  • No rhyme , no metaphor and no - ing (gender)
To check the number of syllables for any given word :Click here

Example :

Opened to all eyes
An Interactive Diary
To Blog is such fun

Sometimes Haiku can be written in less than 17 syllables too but in 3-short lines and following the other rules as stated above.

Young Hearts in Love
Both Families consents

Love Remembrance
Do wear to touch your body
Not ring but my Heart

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  1. Good luck with your haiku prompt, Uma. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm not a haiku writer really, but perhaps next time I can participate again. The acrostic exchange was fun. :)

  2. i am usually writing with no poetic form in mind... but wish to get into haiku's. thanks for your description ;)

  3. Well... gave it a go. Thanks for the invite!

  4. @rachel & ellen is open for a week.Whenever you write one,you can link here. cute as ever

  5. Hi, this is Rajib. Just happened to visit your blog and thought to say hello. Your info regarding Haiku is exhaustive. The syllable structure of Haiku has excited me !

  6. Here from Few Miles' blog. Good to be here. A very interesting post on haiku!

  7. Precious Haiku. Marriage is such a family affair.

  8. Young hearts in love: memories come flooding back.

  9. this is beautiful, tender and true uma.


  10. so poignant uma...loved the words and flow :)


  11. Good job I enjoyed your rendition on the prompt as well :)

  12. @Jingle @azfree@LBTL
    -Thanks for your participation.Always love to your links

  13. Excellent Haiku Uma..

    Someone is Special

  14. I love writing haiku, although the distinction between haiku and senryu can drive me nuts. :) Here's my Out on a Limb Haiku Quintet and my Musical Haiku. Thanks!

  15. the distinction between haiku and senryu can drive me nuts but i still like to write haiku..