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Tuesday 18 January 2011

The Mood Rings

The Mood Ring : Any guesses? Ah! Its fun for those who wants to read that mind of your spouse or your loved ones .Its a ring  which contains a thermo-chromic element, such as liquid crystal(being very sensitive) so that the ring changes color in response to the body temperature of its wearer.

Hmm..Be careful! I can read your mind

I am going to disclose you a secret
Be true or else at the end you will regret
I know who you are when you browse the net
Or when you tweet in your mobile under your closet
I can see and tell you who you are 
I can still read your mind any far

I have a mood ring installed under your name 
Which reads the temperature of your fingers in my mainframe
When you move them to and fro on the touch pad
It sends me data reading straight from your head
So be careful on what you type or tweet
A mood ring to read your mind, isn't it so sweet ?

This concept of poem is written by Umamaheswari Anandane for " Smiley Sociology Study " done by Rachel. 
If you had a mood ring like this installed in your computer,do you appreciate it ?


  1. I love it! It's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. Thank you for responding to the invite to participate so quickly! :o)

  2. Very interesting and creative poem, really like the concept.

  3. Very good, very Big Brother!
    I wrote a haiku for Rachel's research - it's here:

  4. Interesting poem.. And I do appreciate it..

    Someone is Special

  5. nice imagination..and very well done :)

  6. I am afraid, mine will blow you

  7. No sometimes I just like the warm smoke being offered instead.. lol

  8. I really like this part:

    "I have a mood ring installed under your name
    Which reads the temperature of your fingers in my mainframe"

    Nice :)

  9. Nice. I like this.

    But then you probably already know that. Hmmm, what kind of sandwich am I thinking of making?

  10. and I am roaRING! Did it turn to dark blue? :)

  11. A bit scary perspective... Nice idea, love the rhymes! :)

  12. that would be a rather scary prospect now wouldnt understand peoples true motives...of it just might be what is needed...

  13. after reading this, i'd guess i'm no longer reading blue, but amber instead. definitely an intriguing concept.

  14. very intriguing and interesting....the rhyming was really good...

  15. @all Thanks for dropping by.
    @blended -I think I can see the colour blue
    @Mag,Brain ,Chim -It sounds scary ,is'nt it?Hope nothing like this is invented else internet will become a game of the devil ;)

  16. Indeed Uma- very hilarious

    Funny, scary, witty- this is pretty clever!
    Love xox

  17. So so creative, Uma...too good!! Quite a power this is! :) Enjoooyyeedd reading this one...

    But now I am paranoid... what if someone can really do that!! YEOWWW!!