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Tuesday 11 January 2011

A Touch of Poetry


What is a Quatrain and How to write one 
Quatrain is another form of short poetry that has the count on syllable and follows few rules as given  below :

  •      A stanza or poem of four lines.
  •      Lines 2 and 4 must rhyme.
  •      Lines 1 and 3 may or may not rhyme.
  •      Rhyming lines should have a similar number of syllables.

Envisions made clear 
Induce contentment to the heart
Words sounds like music to the ear
To write poetry is an Art


  1. thats beautifully described...
    lovely haiku

  2. To write poetry definitely IS art. Every word, every bit of white space, every bit of's all so crucial in a poem.

  3. I read the explanation of the quatrain which to me sounded hard, and then I read your poem and it read so effortlessly and was beatiful ... well done!

  4. super!!

    i am learning a lot of new ways of writing from all you poets :D

  5. To write poetry is an Art

    But sadly, there are many who never realise this, and ignore the crucial learning of the craft!

  6. @all thanks
    @jeff -agreed !
    @jinksy-yes,but the better part of it is that some people at least try to find poetry out of the feelings and thoughts...something that will be worthy to be expressed in poems than in writings
    ..what say jinksy ji?

  7. Truly a touching Haiku and Poetry writing is an art which keeps bettering every time you write one.

    Nice and enjoyed!!

  8. Very nicely written, Uma..
    Between poetry and music, sometimes I really wonder which came first..

    But they are both lovely nonetheless!

  9. nice post..
    the haiku is super awesome... :)