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Wednesday 26 January 2011

The Pandora's Box

Pandora's box is a story from Greek mythology. Lets read the poem or the poetic story of Pandora's box. 
Art by Mary , I have done a bit editing 
Do not open the doors when I am out
Dont go outside all alone  at night 
Do not open that cupboard of mine
Dont read my diary, it is not fine
Many dont heed to that warning
Letting again the story of Pandora in
Epimethius and Prometheus ,the jealous brothers
Angered and upset the Gods and they never bothered 
Mainly 'Zeus' the most powerful god , in conniption decided to take revenge
So created from clay , the first mortal yet beautiful women in challenge
Pandora,she was called married prometheus with her beauty and charm
Accepted the wedding gift from Zeus,a beautiful box knewing no harm
Though she was forbidden to open that box in her life ever
But her Temptation overcame restraint and finally opened  the box's cover
In a moment, all the curses were released into the earth
The evils of pain,diseases and all suffering in form of tiny moths
In horror, she closed the box, scooched over it and cried in pain 
Her husband came to her rescue but in vain
They still heard one more voice pleading her to open
Which they finally did as more worse sins had befallen
Out came fluttering from the box a beautiful dragonfly " HOPE"
which heals the wounds that the janky evil creatures develops
Although Pandora released pain and suffering upon the world
She also let out " HOPE " to follow them in bi -fold
We can learn from above that we humans cannot endure
Without Hope ,There exists never a cure
" So  Learn To  HOPE "


  1. So,after all we should open the Pandora's box time and again.
    That is how hope would meet us and let us move forward.
    Uma,my first time here.Would be coming again.


  2. Brilliiiiiiaaaant.....
    Amazing work :)

  3. I think it is my firs time here and I liked a lot your creative work :)
    All the best
    Marinela x

  4. thats a beautiful write... the story of Pandora so wonderfully described.

  5. Wow!!! Will you believe its only recently I read complete story of Pandora's Box.. you have captured it so beautifully.. you are an artist.. yes..

  6. Hope is the only redeeming factor that can get this world out of the dystopic state that it is in. A little hope a little dream and a lot of effort.

  7. It has been many years since I visited Pandora's story. Thanks for bringing it back so beautifully.

    My 3WW: The Victual Voyager

  8. @All..Thanks for stopping by.Love to hear your comments !

  9. It's nice to re-read the story in your words...Hope is a powerful friend.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Very nice twist on the lore, nicely done!

  11. great retelling perhaps we need to hear this more as we repeat its folly all too often...

  12. I used to read Greek mythology as a child always loved this story the Greeks version of Adam and Eve as it were. you did such a wonderful job with this, it was a joy to read!

  13. Enjoyed this very much!

  14. Very nicely done, Uma! I am impressed! Excellent write!

  15. moving story,

    sad, powerful imagery.
    Thanks for linking to poets rally.

  16. nice! made me smile, thanks!
    enjoy the rally!

  17. Yup, hope is the antidote for all ills.

  18. This is creative! thank you for sharing.