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Monday 31 January 2011

Rainbow Haiku

Haiku 1:
Both Sunshine and Rain
Joined together to give birth
Splendorous Rainbow

Haiku 2:
Creates  illusion 
Rainbow paints heaven on earth
Evening enthralled

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  1. Beautiful haiku... such a stunning image.

  2. Two beautiful haikus...I love the use of nature in both of your works. Nicely done!

  3. Uma, beautiful Haiku, it paints the picture so well.. Nice Combo, I love this a lot.. Beautiful Haiku for a wonderful image.. Welcome to the Haiku Challenge ! thanks for playing and have a grea day..

    Have fun! Enjoy!

    Someone is Special

  4. Hello Uma, What should I say.. Rainbow has always been my favourite..for Haikus.. loved to see it sparkling here too..

  5. Uma - both of your haiku are beautiful. They add to the meaning of the artwork. I love rainbows and for once, reading your writing, I don't feel like I am chasing them, but rather, they are lingering, just to wait for me. ☼

  6. Lovely Haikus Uma, shimmering in the sunlight!!

  7. gorgeous duo Uma. you captured "splendour" perfectly.

    mine is here:

  8. I like it :) the combination gives a serene splendor!