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Friday 2 September 2011

Mirror My Haiku

Who does know better 
Paradise of my thoughts , I
Write to appease self

Stainless Glass, Mirrors
My reflections yet I shy 
To part inner stains 

The  Heights of Haiku Challenge - September 2011 hosted by Haiku Heights Leo with today's' Prompt : Write , Mirror ( Have to put two posts in a row having stumbled upon only today )

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You are invited to read and comment on this post : Online Boons and An Indiblogger's Story .Awaiting whats in store for me today :)


  1. Self satisfaction is most important I think, Uma :) well said.

  2. To know a poet
    is like knowing yourself
    so close but far yet

  3. I agree. The days I don't write, "self" isn't happy!

  4. I think its OK.. stains are private.. and if one can see them for oneself even then it's courageous..

  5. but we all have stains, those of us that realize that are better off for it! awesome writing!

  6. nice..poem...""inner part stains""
    such a truthful effective line...
    do check my poem blog

  7. 'we all have stains inside..."wonderfull poem

  8. Such an honest pair of verses. We do write to appease self, at least in part. Regardless of other motives, writing satisfies something in us; otherwise we wouldn't do it.

    As to the second verse, it's so true that we all have inner stains we don't want to face and sometimes don't want to let go of or part from, even though we know we should.