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Saturday 3 September 2011

Haiku -Windmill

Windmill of thoughts
Swirls my memories back
Nostalgic feelings

I always have these feelings whenever you stumble upon something familiar that brings back a pleasant memories.The five senses mix and mingle to rewind you to those beautiful days.To name some , I always prefer to say the smells of mud when fresh rains starts, the favourite dishes, photo albums and few places which resembles to mine .Many out there will have the similar feelings too..

Sigh!!..How I wish to adore the pleasant past of childhood !

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  1. Love the twirling and whirling mind :) just like mine which brings back nostalgic memories. Lovely creative use of the prompt word!!

  2. Lovely thoughts and wonderful Haiku. Well done.


  3. You make us go back in time too, Uma. Nice haiku this :)

  4. yes...indeed.
    i do get those feelings too many times...smell of mud and old photo albums..