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Monday 12 September 2011

Haiku - Liberty

Sanctified yet fenced 
Married woman deprived of
Liberty of Choice

The above Haiku is sometimes argumentable.Their are few blessed yet there are few who knows how true the above haiku is .Switch on your idiot box if you don't agree ...some realities are taken as soaps episodes after episodes , maybe that's why the TRP rating is in peak in hours when the soaps hits the screen (wink*)


  1. So very true! Brings out the myriad tribulations faced by a married woman against oppression.

  2. I had thoughts on this topic too, I couldn't put walking down the aisle and a subtle loss of liberty in the haiku, so I moved it in a different direction, you penned yours very well

  3. Wanted to do one based on this theme but later changed to something similar!! :)
    Disgusting to see the woman's life change to one that is caged with no freedom!!

  4. yes, I think you are right. some blessed, some cursed..

  5. witty words.


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