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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Haiku - Elixir

Entirely Parched out
Eyes pray for the Elixir 
Summer Rain 

Earth Ruptured out
Deprived of her basic need  
Elixir of Thirst


  1. Much-needed rain IS an elixir! Thanks for the picture you created in my head and heart.

    A Little Elixir

  2. Indeed its happenning in many places.nice way of saying msg.

  3. This is beautifully captured.. let us pray for the ruptured Earth.. may she find he elixir..

  4. Drought conditions are so often seen in some parts here. The desperate need of farmers!!

  5. Interesting Haiku? No need for rain here. Irene left use enough for a year. Nice work.


  6. maythe rains come to quench dry throats....

  7. There's an old saying here, "You don't miss your water till your well runs dry." and the land is the same--we feel her thirst here often--all 77 counties of my state are in a severe drought--the rain is quite an event when we get it.

  8. We are praying in Texas for the elixir of rain...very timely haiku

  9. wow amazing and such a great image to show the lack of rain and water so well done

  10. A striking photo and poem combination. Well done.

    A note about the syllable counts: the last line of the first verse is lacking two syllables; you can remedy that if you change it to "of a summer rain." In the first line of the second verse, adding "is" or "has" after Earth will give it the needed five syllables.

  11. @all Thanks for the comments
    @ Cassiopeia -Yeah i know how it feels in US during Irene
    @ hedgewitch ,susie - True, water is the real elixir in tropical countries ..cant imagine life without water
    @TraciB-Thanks..Yeah The basic haiku structure is 5-7-5..yet haiku's can also be written less than 17 syllables :)