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Thursday 29 September 2011

Haiku - Color

King of all Colors
Visible clear at night ,any lengths
Red , a Life Saver

Some points favoring RED Color

  • Red Color is bright and intense
  • The color of our blood is red
  • Red is the color of the Sunset , Fire and seen in Autumn leaves
  • The color of LOVE and passion is Red.That's why you give Red Rose or Red Heart for your Loved ones
  • Red is visible at any oblique angles during any time of the day night times.The rear lights of cars and vehicles, Train flags, Post Box , Telephone Booths are mostly seen in the Red color.
  • The color RED is important for Hindu's in India as well as the Chinese peoples.It symbolizes good luck and prosperity


  1. Great information!

    Nicely worded haiku!

    Happy last day!

  2. Good one!! Thanks for all the support.. Best is yet to be! God bless!

  3. Blue is my favorite color, with red a very close second. Thanks for all those interesting tidbits about red!

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  4. Surely it is Uma.. Happy Weekend..

    Someone is Special

  5. Color of love and passion. Beautiful...

  6. good one Uma.hope you visit my blog