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Tuesday 27 September 2011

I ain't no Beauty - Poetry for the soul that needs some charm

Prompt from Poets United
I ain't no Fairy Tale Princess
Though some beauty I do possess
I'aint taking about white skin and red lips
which portrays beauty that a princess keeps
Though like Cinderella , I wait for a stardom
to marry a prince who searches for me to come
To awake me from my Sleep, as deep as a sea
 Fighting the evil to breaks my curse free
Like Snow White, I lay on coffin  for true love
until to be awakened by a Prince kiss  now 
I ain't no beauty to be saved like a Prince would
Falling in love by looks and does what he should
I am a framed bones and flesh coated neatly by skin
Which expands when fat and shrinks when thin
In case, you can't accept whats in store
I ain't the one you look for or need anymore

Haiku - CHARM

Golden sun flower
Thick inside, Thins outside charmed
By Sun's same beauty


  1. I love have captured their charm

  2. A radiant Haiku, and a belting poem that reads at a right old pace! (that's good btw).

  3. Sunflowers...they are natural charmers...:)

  4. Love "I aint no Fairy Tale Princess" You are who you it or leave... :)

  5. Hello.
    When I was little boy, I always use to be afraid of sunflowers...I thought they had an evil eye! Today, older & wiser, I think they are beautiful.

    If we can't be accepted for who we are, then I agree, it's time to take the high road & look no further.

    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Bashful Lady

  6. love sunflower seeds.
    amazing entry,