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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Haiku - Hypnotic

No drugs , No tablets
Just a brush over my hairs
Hypnotic , I rest

Prompt : Hypnotic from Haiku Heights

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I always have been a curious about the word Hypnotism .Like I have already said, mysterious things tickle me always and I search and research ,sometimes blogging them and sometimes nagging at them ..phew (scratching  my eyebrows ) a little of hypnotism here

Hypnotism in a simple word is a state of trance while fully awake.How does it sound? In most hypnotism , people always feel deep relaxation and are highly suggestible.Moreover , when someone is hypnotizing you , he would have your mind under his control.You will accept his suggestions and his ways.As I write this, I can see myself recalling the bockbuster "Inception" movie (some how they are different though the idea seemed similar).I happen to stumble upon this self-hypnosis video and tried it .I found it to be a bit sleep inducing by tricking my eyes .


  1. Love this...and the video...feeling so relaxed. :)

  2. Just raising the senses in some way can be brush, massage, a sweet scent of jasmine or freshly mown grass...Lovely haiku!

  3. Close your eyes and visualize... (only joking).

    Cool stuff!

  4. I like natural way of relaxing...

    Thanks for the additional notes~

  5. It takes only the brushing of your hair to hypnotize you? Sweet!

    Hypnotic Meadow

  6. A wonderful haiku, Uma, and the post is interesting. Agree that the subject intrigues.

  7. Highly interesting. I am almost in a trance when I write. I call them Daydreams

  8. The brushing of one's hair before bed is a very old tradition. It makes one relax for sleep. Like in Rebecca, a hundred strokes a night.
    Lovely Haiku.


  9. you nailed it! A nice long hair brushing is amazingly hypnotic, oh you've made me wish for it now!

  10. combing out the worries and problems? :) liked it.