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Thursday, 25 August 2011


old and new
the storage boxes
of remembrance

the old tickles our mind
and asks "do you remember me?
that old books on the library,
the aroma of the sand when drenched in rain,
scented flowers brushing your nose
and mama's recipe , my favorite dish"

The other end the new slowly hangs on to a place
carefully sealing itself under the neural jelly
adding and mingling with the old
to be recalled again as a whole
when my nose buds feels the aroma
as my brain start researching
what's the ingredient of the smell is  ...

-Prompt "Smell" from Poets united

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  1. nice - I know that storage box smell.

  2. Great poem! I love the thought that smells can be the storage boxes of remembrance.

  3. I love the line...
    The old tickles the mind
    do you remember me

  4. The old and new... both great smells, but I prefer the new.

  5. I really enjoyed this memory lane trek, esp. "the old tickles our mind." Well written!

  6. The smell of "old storage boxes" is such a nostalgic image.

  7. nice
    remember the smell of new notebooks

  8. Yes, old storage box smell is one we can all relate this Uma! :-)

  9. Fun to read, as my memories mingled with your words and images~


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