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Sunday 7 August 2011

~ Dreams ~ Exploring poetry Free verse

Free verse is this week exploring poetry prompt.As the name says, you are free to write any verse without following any poetry patterns, rhyme scheme or any other musical pattern.But you are free to use, phrases , simple words, recurrence or create images with your poem.Below is my free poem that I wrote using my experience .I dont want to let the suspense so fast.Read on to find it and leave your comments below 

Exploring Poetry : Free Verse

a clasp on both hands
tied tightly and
lifting me slowly
above the ground
a transparent wing grew
it grew larger and larger
as I fly higher and higher
swirling like a tornado
I started to shout
laughing hysterically
it was magical
How did I continuously laugh?
10 min
5 min
Hey! enough stop .
It's over
I got down
from the fun fair saucer ride

            ~   ~
            +   +

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, your blog is on THE BEST ADDRESS blogroll, sorry I didn't inform before, thank you for your partnership, Uma, also added a link about your blog on Amazon publicity.

  2. Used to love the rides with the kids. Now watching some of these new rides is enough for me. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. @ English tips - (smiles)and thanks .Hope to see more of you and your blog

    @booguloo-yup! I do enjoy rides like this...when I am I feel that I'm a kid again :)

  4. I grew wings and flew higher reading your words :)

  5. The ups and downs of a fair ground moment captured

  6. ha nice - we have a big amusement park not far away and there's one roller coaster...i almost get hysterical when riding this...smiles...enjoyed the fun ride...

  7. haha...i still love those rides...with my boys...and really enjoying them...

  8. This is adorable take me back to when I was a kid!!

  9. Love roller coaster rides. I remember when I was young and there was this particularly dangerous ride in the fun fair. My brother who is 3 years older, refused to go because it was really scary. I, on the other hand, was running towards the line and telling my dad to do so. Always enjoyed them, no matter how scary! Thanks for bringing back those fun memories.
    Also thanks for your appreciation of my guest post on Raam Pyaari's blog! :)

  10. Fun poem and free verse fit the subject so well.

  11. I do believe the poem was as much fun for me as the ride for you. Thank you, Uma.

    Jamie Dedes