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Author " UmaMaheswari Anandane"

I find it easy to portray me as a Poet which I found out during my writing journey. Having a degree in Engineering,I dreamed of working in MNC .But fate chose me otherwise which I never imagined until I started my writing journey through blogs.As days grew, so as my ability to write better .

And today as I fill this 'about me"page ,
Do you except me to say the normal line " well, I am still searching...about me" . No, I have searched enough and I accept what I am today.You should hear me shout saying: Yes! I can write . And the "author" above near my name is something that I consider to carry on forward willingly.

This blog was the one that started on my writing journey as a poet which slowly paved way to many other creations. A cheer toast to this blog ....

So what is a poetry? If you chose to question this to me, then I have got two answers to say. The former being "Poetry is an ART where I paint the pictures with words" and the latter is "Poetry is my self-expression and my so called stress-buster". Here I mean self-expression because I try to relate (fantasize ) myself with the characters I write taking into account all aspects of life .
My Blogs
Inside My Poem Book - the name was born for tagging it in Google search
Perpetual Mind - this name says exactly what  I blog , all that buzzes in my Mind
PondicherryWiki- "On Construction " (for detailing every nook&corner of my native city)

RHYTHMUS (via Smashword) - This is my best unpublished works with dreams and hopes woven at my best into poems.Even now when I read them ,I drown myself into the beauty of the poems.I am sure you will like them too.It is also available at Barnes & Noble  , Apple iTunes , Sony Reader , WHSmith for NooK books. Read the sample pages Click here.... 

INSIDE MY POEM BOOK @ AMAZON- My debut eBook with published and unpublished works .I loved when I worked out this eBook into Kindle edition for Amazon Kindle Store .It was a dream come true. Now available at Winkstore , Infibeam and Pothi too.

Online Literary Publication which I cherish most
CHILDREN STORY - by Pratham Books

Online Articles Publications 

For Blogs :

By Print
I have had the memorable moments of more articles being published by print in few magazines like City Direct Pondicherry Magazine and other small prints Magazines
Few Scanned and Uploaded on my Face Book 

Another one in the making of The Project Humming Bird by Fountain Guild Pen on the National level :)