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Monday 21 March 2011

Warrior Woman

Warrior Woman

Rani Lakshmi Bai,The Queen
An epitome of bravery and courage
Lead her army in 1857
To defend Jhansi 
For Indian Revolution against British Colonialism.

The above poem is written in 5W form using the  five 'W" questions  for Magpie prompt.

The Warrior

Warrior , he is the One
Wandering around the army field
Wringing their withers out
Watching over 24 hrs a day
Wondrous defender of the country
Walking over the challenges thrown to them
Wisely through his dedicated body and soul
Where he stood on the border feeling
Worthy of guarding his love at home
Worship , his love .....

The above poem uses Acrostics "W" poetry.

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  1. Fight the power! An inspired poem.

  2. I had thought of her too today at Magpie Tales :) besides others like Tipu and Shivaji!! You have done it well here!!

  3. Wonderful - both of them. And you have given me homework to do. Now I will have to read up on Rani Lakshmi Bai. Thanks, Uma!

  4. never heard about her...but i love brave women..thanks for sharing

  5. Both wonderful pieces, reminders of the fight for what is thought to be right.

  6. Nicely done! I like this story...

  7. Wow!!! wonderful... What to say... want of my wont here.. Well weaved..

  8. great poem and perfect for the prompt!

  9. Nice tribute to Rani Lakshmi Bhai. And thanks for introducing me to one more new poetry form.

  10. Nice poems ... I especially like the story of India's epitome of female bravery!

  11. Wow...
    Wonderful poem!
    Written with enthusiasm and vigor...
    Well done!! :))

  12. Wonderful!
    What all simple
    Women have to do, to remain
    Warriors of the every day life!