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Thursday 10 March 2011

Inside My Poem Book :Let me Tell my Ghost Story

Gone out , the soul from the body completing its journey of human form
Haunting the minds with memories of the past , with those of regrets
Outsmarts human brains with notions of its presence
Spreading unsolved mysteries of one year old past life remembrance
The Bermuda disappearance ,Secret rituals and Creepy movements

Souls that tries to communicate the Humans,the messenger to unravel some lock
That the creator ,somewhere had hidden within the zig - zaw journey of life
Open space existence,UFO's appearance ,Where does these all leads to ?
Roaming in a dream of characters assigned for some unknown projects
Years rolling in the wormhole , swapping lives and looking for that one lock

The above poem is some questions that my mind swirls around.If you know any one answer or if anyone had some similar experience,do  share them here, we can know some of your answer to the mystery.


  1. true fitting piece.
    well done.

  2. Nice acrostic. Good way to approach this one.

  3. oh nice in that zig-zag puzzle of life and communication with the otherside...even outsmarting the brain....bkm

  4. A mystery indeed. Love your ghostly poem, clever using the first letters of the word all down the page!

  5. Over here, in a religion called the Taoist (almost everyone in my family is except me who received my baptism a few years ago), there is indeed a belief of the existence of ghost or souls, so to speak...

    Here, if there's any unfulfilled wish or even the dead with connects to hidden or buried secrets, it is said they will trap themselves on Earth, finding a suitable 'match' to finish the unfinished...

    I have a uncle (departed, very close with my great grandma), was sort of the ideal 'match' and was eyed during my great grandma's wake..

    Soon after, the rituals and stuffs, he went back to himself (as in, his soul return to his human form)...

    Yet, after a few years or so.. he died in an accident...

    The communication from the other side, is always seemed to be somewhat forbidden yet yeah, jus as you said, it is to unlock some locks....

  6. a lot of mysteries surround us...
    wonderfully written

  7. @ all Thanks for dropping in!

    @ Krislen - yes ,I too have heard weird stories of ghosts.Yes,I sometime tend to believe of their existence.Above all, I believe in GOD who protects us from their harms.

    Have you read the link specifically linked in "where does these all leads to?".I have posted about the out-of body experience and some unanswerable questions there .

    hmm...There indeed a different life which human brains cannot conceive.

  8. Uma, nice very nice..

    Someone is Special

  9. Very clever, love the questions and pondering of your poem~

  10. I'm always open, always searching. I HOPE there is a way to communicate. Nice acrostic.

  11. Cool acrostic - provocative thoughts!

  12. Great acrostic! Love ALL your poetry forms!
    I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit if you would like to claim it. Congratulations and I love your writing!

  13. Mysterious and intriguing piece!


  14. Supposedly, years ago, in a medical experiment, bodies were weighed immediately before and then immediately after death; the body was a tiny bit lighter after death. Something went somewhere. It's enough to make one wonder.

  15. @all-thank you !
    @Lola - Thanks dear for the award !

    @Mike -You know what.I believe that Spirits live inside our body(leave the karma behind).Out-of-body experience is actually proved to be true.You need to be in a deep meditation state for that( these are true,than why not as you say could have happened truly?

    Somewhere the lock is asking to be discovered.These sometimes, makes me ponder upon more questions.I think I should write a book of what all I think :?