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Tuesday 8 March 2011

One Woman Unmasked !

by fineartamerica

One Woman Unmasked
One Woman - a shoulder for her husband
One Woman - gives a hand for a friend
One Woman - a confident for her parents
One Woman - giving roots for her children
One Woman - a support for her kins
One Woman - giving wings to fly
One Woman - who makes the future giving birth
One Woman - whose patience is like the bearing Mother Earth
One Woman - her smile lits her surroundings in light
One Woman- holds the family in shape
One Woman - whose silence speaks words
One Woman - whose words speak her heart
One Woman - who knows to wipe your tears
One Woman - whose tears can melt any hearts
One Woman - keeps love spreading like virus
One Woman- teaches the meaning of softness
One Woman - hides her strength to keep balance of life
One Woman - whose anger can ignite fire burning all to ashes
One Woman - knows the nuances of being there for you
One Woman - whose presence fills the voids on your heart
Ode to her ! She is just One Woman
Offer her Time to feel her Worth and
Observe her Presence in your Life Blessed

Metamorphosis of a Woman


  1. Yes, ode to her... and to all women... A great write to this...

  2. perfect words to describe one of God's perfect creation :)

  3. a wonderful ode to women
    that makes me feel so proud

  4. very elegant poetry.
    love the spirits.
    well done,

  5. "Observe her Presence in your Life Blessed"
    I love that line.
    To have another truly present in your life is the greatest blessing one person can offer another.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. As women, we bare the burden of so much on our shoulders, not to mention baring children! And often we ask nothing in return. This is lovely!!!!!!!

  7. What a beautiful "song" in praise of women. Wonderful, Uma.

  8. Very powerful poem for the women of the world!

  9. congrats on your book!

  10. Brilliantly conceived. Well done.

  11. wow one woman for all! truly powerful! :)

  12. well done... its very nice and lovely feeling..

  13. Excellent ode to our women who should be honored, loved & put up there high on a pedestal.

  14. nice...i try to bring honor to all the ladies in my yes they do much that often goes unnoticed but where would a home be without them...

  15. My goodness!!

    Never heard a better tribute to woman!!! cool!!

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips for Writers

  16. True words written, without a woman, there wud be no life, shes the bearer,the giver,the lover,the mother,the nurturer..shes everything to everyone..we need to celebrate and give all woman love and respect..
    beautiful tribute Uma