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Monday, 28 March 2011

Exploring Poetry - Rondels French lyric poetry

Exploring Poetry ,WEEK 13 of Exploring Poetry Journey.It is more or less like TREKKING.Say, a poetry trekking....few joined me in my trekking in the past making my experience an enjoyable one...and I am still awaiting more to join me in.

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This Week : RONDELS
  1. Rondel is a French style of lyrical poetry that is made up of two quatrains followed by a quintet totaling 13 lines (4 - 4 - 5) .
  2. It has the Rhyme Scheme of ABba, abAB, abbaA where the capital letters are the refrains or repeats meaning that all 'A' are identical (All "B's are identical too)
  3. The meter is open, but typically has eight syllables.
  4. There are several variations of the rondel, and some inconsistencies like sometimes repeating the second refrain at the end of the last stanza (making it 14 lines) turns your Rondel into a Rondel Prime or “French Sonnet”.
  5. It is often written in iambic tetrameter meaning that there are four feet in the line


As whisper,soaking in thy voice 
I travel deep inside your heart
Ignoring your actions ,real smart 
I bestowed pain , unknown malice

Would sorry regain your rejoice
Focussed ,I try to mend the part
As whisper,soaking in thy voice 
I travel deep inside your heart 

A love never ought be a choice
Reasoning some ways to depart
And yet the same , denies restart
I'm laid back,thoughtful as novice
As whisper,soaking in thy voice 


  1. I've certainly written a rondel this morning, for One Stop Poetry, so can I be cheeky and link it here as well? LOL

  2. Sure you can link it here as well since the theme is open and the only thing is it should be a Rondel...cheeky? never...this is not so serious as you's fun place where we share with one another what we have learned and written, encouraging each other to write more and become a better writer

  3. Mines up since this afternoon it's a brave new world out there! Loved this take on a rondel, I'm sure Sam will be busy giving us notes on form later x

  4. This is my second try at a rondel. I think I've got the form in my head now (maybe?) I'm really enjoying your blog and learning to write new forms of poetry-thanks so much!

  5. I looked at the dictionary, it says 14 lines, thus my first try has 14 lines..

    well done.

  6. I am here.. wow, I love this.. Well-expressed..

    I will take the time to write but this week, I am busy and yeah, since my birthday is this weekend, I have a few friends to meet up and catch up these few days.. :)

  7. I enjoy how you took this on a journey into a relationship. And the form is one I've yet to try. I'm playing catch up now after a busy week of house guests but if I get a chance I'll try one.

  8. @all thanks

    @semaphore,claudia,beachanny -Thank you for correcting me for Rhyming Structure.It was really helpful!

  9. So great, you did a fine job with the Rondel !

  10. I loved this form... i usually love poetry types with refrain, beautifully written... will try this one.

  11. Very lovely poem, Uma. I like this form, though mostly to read not write. Free verse is really me!

  12. Interesting form-- I enjoyed your interpretation.

  13. So, I learned a new term today! Well crafted verse.

  14. This was beautiful... I shall return for more lessons. Thank you.

  15. Really interesting lesson and a beautiful poem. Nice bumping into you :)

  16. A "thoughtful poem," i.e., well-considered. Nicely done, Uma. Enjoyed!

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