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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Inside My Poem Book : Pots of Mystery- A Flower still grows

Our mind
is a mystery!
Sometime haunting us
of what we are not and 
sometimes makes us 
to keep wondering of
whom we actually
Playing with the coriander ,on my food making an arc , an eyebrow
Dainty grape floating on a glass on milk,I struggle to drink ,your eyes 
Are your lips painted with cherries or are they apples cut in arc shape
The garlic teeth arranged ,its rawness attracted to your smile
Gosh! how you tantalize me in everything I see around me
In every bits and pieces and thats how I remember them-you
"Your face" fills my mind,clinging even in my trivial things
You filled my sense with the smoke of your love
Clogging me deep inside,hypnotizing me fully
I remember nothing, something that is not me
Around me,everything seems to move fast 
I sit alone and stare at  them ,slow paced
A Love is a strong potion rarely invented
If it sits on your heart, there is no escape
Imaginations swirls around the pot
Growing steadily like a flower


  1. So many facets and angles... like our magnificent minds!

  2. Loved it!

    I really like how we all take different paths for the same picture!

    viscous time

  3. A multidimensional way of seeing things. a cool piece. I like! :) JH

  4. Beautiful shape poem! Lovely message. :)

  5. Flower... how nice to use it to express it in this write.. :)


  7. Simply lovely, Uma!! And so very true.. if the love seed hits your pot, a plant is sure to grow... blooming with imagination and lovely thoughts..
    Really enjoyed reading your poem.. and the shape was just BEAUTIFUL!!
    "The garlic teeth arranged ,its rawness attracted to your smile" -- loved this line the most!! It was soo visual...

  8. Garlic teeth make a faintly disturbibg picture...

  9. @all Thank you for dropping by

    @Kavitha - that have hit me already and here I am writing poems ;)

    @Trellissimo- teeth arranged similar to garlic pods ...dont imagine the size though ,that may make you faint really . hehe ;)

  10. Very nice and your flower pot is a lovely reminder spring is about the mystery...bkm

  11. Oh how we connect the dots of love and longing.
    Just had to ask; is the 1st word 3rd line from the bottom If?

  12. @signed..bmk - Spring!..yea that was so well said and related to..thanks

    @booguloo - True...and yes,it is"IF"....If it sits on your heart ,you will have to face the consequences of LOVE pain(sweet /terrible)

  13. Terrific shape poem - many fine images!

  14. "Love is a strong potion rarely invented"

    or has it to be reinvented every time?

    I have to read this again to see another light :)

  15. I love your shape poem - and your words were so very fitting! Imagination definitely swirls...☼

  16. I really liked your poem and it's shape.


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