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Friday 8 April 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - Poetry - Ice-cream Image (I)

April 9 th of ninth alphabet "I" takes the form of 'Image' for A to Z Challenge and the form of 'Ice-cream' for NaPoWriMo's Children Rhymes .The former is written in Haiku and the latter is written in Limerick.

Haiku (Know How to write one) :

Brings life to Image
Man's rich Imagination
Television Box

Image Creation
Device that captures still image
Photo Camera

Optical Machine
Eyes that captures,brain that stores
Human Camera

Clerihew(Know how to write one):

Peter Piper loves Ice-cream
He always buys one near his School
One day ,he had a weird dream
Of swimming in a Ice-cream pool 


  1. Wow...nice dear
    I like the last dream Of swimming in a Ice-cream pool


  2. An ice cream pool...a bit cool! Fun ones.

  3. incredible Haikus.

    you are Haiku/poetry forum queen.

  4. The idea of an ice cream pool, might be appealing in very sunny weather!!!

    Best Regards, Eileen

  5. As an educator, I love this post. I love how you distinguish the different visual media and I love how you've whetted our whistles with limerick and then left a prompt to learn more about it. Thanks.

  6. Love the optic piece, and the fact that it is prompted by an old television! Creative.
    here is mine:

  7. That which catches the
    Meaning of such good thoughts, ah
    Is a happy Heart..

    Well said.. both of us.. Ha, ha, :) just in lighter vain.. lovely haikus..these..

  8. Loved the explanation of things - great haiku

  9. well captured

  10. Clever Haiku and delightful limerick ... At this point of a HOT HOT HOT summer, I am ready to jump in the ice cream pool as well! :-)