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Tuesday 26 April 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - Umamaheswari Anandane(U) poetry

The alphabet "U" stands for my name, yes, my Name "Umamaheswari Anandane" for a change .She is ME and I am SHE :)

Critics and Editors
Trying to find out 
the brain behind this creation
look for a star ,budding slowly
among the thousands in sky
rifled through the clear night sky
shining brighter and brighter
as the eyes stare for long time
mes-mering them in its light
and mocking the moon beside 
telling that there are times in
new moon day,where you disappear
but not for 
a star like me
See who we are !
Funny yet true 
every man has his day
even stars have its day 

Meditating her name making a math matrix
A story of light recollecting few
Moments of silent nature
Away long back ,extinct insects
Hers mind wanders with her
Eyes swirling back memories
Slowly into the past and again to present
Weaving strings between them,eyes opens to see
Amazing flowers in her garden , it's night time with
Raining of fireflies surrounding flowers and shining brighter, a sunshine and a whisper  
I am the Light and Life , The Time froze for a moment
       She realized the light she needed ...Within

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  1. NaPoWriMo's prompt of writing  a short, satirical poem about a star and the moon. 
  2. A to Z Challenge for alphabet "U" .I wanted to use U for my name.I came with a small poetic sentence .I started writing with each alphabets of my name and I came up with this one below.Free write with my name along with NaPoWriMo's autobiographical poem on 23rd day .
  3. Poets United Prompt "SHE"
This week's Tuesday review in Jingle Poetry Community written by SIS along with Leo aka Vinay is about my Blog"Inside My Poetry Book".Thanks Jingle poetry for this lovely surprise !


  1. wonderful Acrostic for your name I really liked it!

  2. I like your acrostic. I never thought of doing one for my name; I might give it a go.

  3. Creative acrostic! I Never Attempted! :)

  4. i totally loved your satirical poem :)
    well written

  5. Past and present and the here and elsewhere are all interconnected and we see it all plainly when we look deep within and then outward to understand how we fit into the complexity of the whole. I guess that's what I'm reading here.

    Tossing It Out

  6. @all - thanks for the input

    @arlee -yes. ..its like meditation to realise within.I had the fireflies too,now mostly extinct but were a lot when I was young back in past.

  7. Interesting writes, I really enjoyed the top one. It is not what they say nor think about you, your light shall shine no matter what as it is in you. That is the message I read and enjoyed, thanks, enjoy the potluck!

  8. amazing!

  9. Both are interesting, with lovely phrases. I too like the second one best. I don't often see an acrostic poem so beautifully handled.

  10. SHE is indeed you, in all your beauty, complications, and poetic grace. Loved both, Uma! Amy

  11. Very clever and so beautiful! I loved the imagery...Really Well Done~